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Christmas Party

Christmas Party


Have your Christmas party in the unique ambience of Rakas Restaurant.

Rakas Restaurant max. 150 persons
Private Dining Room Salarakas max. 40 persons
Private Dining Room Sydänkäpy max. 10 persons

Prices start at 42 € / person.

Contact us:
+358 505 176 978


Option 1: Pre-order menu

Minimum 10 people

Tartlet of game pâté and preserved apple
Prawn cocktail

Fillet of Finnish beef
Served with mushrooms, celery purée and berry demi-glace
Oven-cooked salmon, root vegetables and lemon sauce

Chocolate tart with salty caramel
Served with sharp berry compote and gingerbread
Oven-baked apple with cardamom-spiced cream and Christmas granola


Option 2: Buffet

Minimum 20 people

Fire-cooked salmon
Cold-smoked salmon
Pickled herring in tomato, mustard & onion
Marinated red onion and sour cream
Smoked pork roast
Slow-roasted beef

Rosolli salad
Green salad
Potato salad
Mushroom salad
Waldorf salad
Finnish cheese board

Christmas ham with mustard
Inari whitefish in white wine sauce
Local boiled potatoes in dill butter sauce
Carrot and swede casserole

Plum mousse
Christmas Star Pastries
Gingerbread cookies
Chocolate cake
Lemon and licorice cheesecake
Coffee and tea