Would you like to dine listening to live music, enjoy a wonderful wine and food tasting or have a lovely hearty Sunday  brunch? You’ll find more information on our events here!

Sunday Brunch

There is no better way to spend a Sunday than by gathering under our pine cone lights for a hearty brunch.

Sunday brunch at 12pm – 3pm → 20.10. | 3.11. | 17.11. | 1.12.2019

Price: 29.50 €

Table reservations:☏ 050 517 6952 | ✉


Cold Buffet
Finnish Bread Cheese with Sea Buckthorn-Apple Jam (L, G)
Green Salad with Herbs (M, G)
Vendace, Sour Cream and Red Onion (L, G)
Cold Cuts (M, G)
Homemade Dill Cucumber (M, G)
Mixed Mini Tomatoes (M, G)
Forest Mushroom Salad with Walnuts (L, G)
Beetroot Power Shots (M, G)
Fire-Cooked Salmon (L, G)
Baltic Herring
Caesar Salad with Bacon (L)
Karelian Pies with Egg Butter Spread (L)
Bread Selection and Churned Butter
Natural Yogurt (L, G)
Muesli, Dried Fruit and Nuts (M)

Warm Dishes
Mushroom and Goat Cheese Omelette (G)
Scrambled Eggs with Parmesan (L, G)
Breakfast Potatoes (L, G)
Porridge with Fresh Berries, Nuts and Dried Fruit
Maple and Sage Bacon (M, G)
Finnish Salmon Soup (L, G)
Roasted Pork (M, G)
Roasted Potatoes and Vegetables (M, G)

Selection of Cakes
Selection of Biscuits
Selection of Cheeses with Jams
Fresh Fruits

Sparkling Fruit Juice


L = Lactose Free
M = Milk Free
G = Gluten Free


We value local products and seasonal fresh ingredients. Tasty meals include traditional Lappish delicacies, such as reindeer meat, fresh lake fish, wild mushrooms and berries, reworked to become novel and intriguing culinary creations devised by our chef.


Would you like to enjoy a dinner accompanied by live music, or start your Sunday enjoying a hearty brunch? Here you will find information on our events.

Meetings and private functions

Our private dining rooms Salarakas and Sydänkäpy are excellent venues for organising meetings and private functions, all with sparkling servings.

Private dinners

If you want to give someone who is very special in your life, perhaps just a little bit more, we recommend booking an experience-rich private dinner.